Voter Information Pamphlet Entry

Skyler-Hamilton-Candidate-44-2Your rights are not gifts from government. They come by virtue of your humanity. The sole legitimate purpose of civil government, at any level, is to protect those rights. Thus, my guiding principle is very clear: Any measure that supports your rights, I fully support! Any measure that infringes on those rights, I am against. This is the standard which the Founding Fathers of this great nation championed, and this is the standard that the people of Orem deserve.

My number one promise to the people of Orem is that I will keep my oath of office. I will support, obey, and defend Constitutional principles here in Orem. Whether unjust and burdensome taxation, the inexcusable debt, meddling with free markets via projects like UTOPIA or Midtown Village, excessive regulations, or intrusive city ordinances, Orem City is not living up to the proper role of government.

As your city councilman I will do my best to revive and restore those fundamental principles to Orem, Utah. I also commit to the people of Orem that I will refuse my salary, and will, instead, have that money go towards legitimate public services. If you are interested, you can learn more at: FreedomOrBust.Net.

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