Utah County Commission candidate Greg Graves Responds to Accusations

[Post-Election Update: Greg Graves won the election with 72% of the Vote over the Write-In candidate. Source Here]
NOTE: Below is simply a copy+paste from an e-mail which was forwarded to me. I felt that it was worth posting! The election day is coming up on Tuesday, November 4th – and given how very little of what may be the actual motivations behind the personal attacks against Mr. Graves has been covered by media alleging to cover this issue. (see here, and here)

There has been a controversy over Greg Graves’ nomination as the Republican Party nominee for one of the County Commissioner seats. Probably many of you have received emails or read/heard concerns about Greg. I received a phone call yesterday that prompted me to reach out to Greg for answers. I think there are things he’s not talking about here in order to take the high road as pertains to why he’s been attacked in such a way, but I find myself completely satisfied with his explanations and plan to vote for him. I’m just passing this along so his side of the story gets out.
Oak [Norton]



Greg’s Response


Mr. Norton,

In this campaign I have made it a point to only talk issues and not discuss other people. I will always continue to do this because we make no progress if we are not talking about the issues. Here is my answers for your questions.This attack against me started when I won at convention as the Republican nominee. The reason is simple. I have been opposed to the spending that has been taking place in this county over the past few years. Most citizens are aware that we have incurred over $400 million dollars in bonded debt in just 8 years that won’t be paid off until 2042. That being said, there is another big project that is currently trying to be passed. It is known as BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). It is a UTA project that benefits Provo and Orem directly. They claim that this project is only $150 million dollars. 75 million from the federal government and 75 million from the Utah County Tax Payers. They also claim that we voted on this and that it is what we want.

To be fair, I like the project and have no problem if UTA wants to do it and pay for it without hurting all of the county residents. I just have a big problem with not telling all of the facts to the public in order to gain support. This project according to UTA’s own sheet is schedule to use $306.5 million of Utah County Tax money over the next 20 years. We did vote several years ago to give UTA 92% of the 1st quarter sales tax and another portion of the 2nd quarter sales tax. In other words, we currently give UTA over $50 million a year already from these funds. However, they want to fund the first 12 years of this project out of the 3rd quarter sales tax. Here is the problem. The voters never chose that and that is the fund in which all of our cities are given money to do their road projects to maintain safe roads within their towns. With the current project that is being pushed through, there will be a definite decrease in road projects in the future. For example, they have already discussed potentially to delay SR 146 and another major road in Provo. These projects were not discussed until after they got the vote to move forward. It has been well documented about my position on this issue from the beginning and is the major issue that has created an attack against me. I believe that we need to quit having secrets in government and start telling people all of the facts and let them decide.

Second, I was approached by the Realtors Association the Monday after receiving the nomination. They offered their support financially and offered to raise $20 – 40,000 for my campaign. I told them that I look forward to working with realtors and everyone within the county. I also told them that I was not taking any money from any special interest group or business because I am running to serve the people. This unintentionally offended them and started them on a path to defeat me since they are in favor of BRT and some other costly programs. I appreciate the position of disagreement with me, however, I believe that we can have meaningful discussion about the issues instead of attacking others.

You have also asked for my response to some serious statements (lies) that have been levied my way.

Let me first say that since I am a licensed and certified teacher with an active license in the State of Utah, any person may contact the office of education and verify the facts at any time. They will indeed tell you that I started teaching in the 2007-2008 school year. I have never had any disciplinary problems or even investigations against me. When you are a teacher, even investigations and accusations are public on your license.

Also, by law you cannot file Bankruptcy except every 7 years. Therefore, just by knowing the law you would know that the lies about me having 4 bankruptcies on my record in 10 years is completely untrue. I unfortunately do have one back in 2000 which the reasons for have been pretty accurately described in the media. There was also one in 2008 which was after my divorce. I believe those details have been reported as well. If you would like more details let me know. The second one was about removing my name from a contract.

As to criminal charges, I will be glad to share the real story with you. I was a manager at Target in 2000. I was authorized to give 10% discounts when it was necessary to make customers happy. It turns out that I made a mistake in how I was doing this. There were several different buttons and I was pushing the wrong one. When confronted about this, I described how I was doing this and was informed that it was incorrect. It is true that at that time I was issued a citation by Orem City. I then went before the judge like any traffic ticket or other citation. The judge listened to what I said and admitted my mistake but since I received no benefit with the mistake I made, he Dismissed the charge. As to 21 total cases, that would be taking great liberty with facts and distorting them in order to pursue ones agenda. I was in a car wreck and have been divorced. With those things, it creates court cases. I do have 2 traffic citations as well. It is those 2 tickets that allow someone to claim criminal and civil cases. The irony is that some that have accused have many, many more if you use their definition of what they are saying about me.

I believe that was all of the questions that you asked. If not please let me know and I will be glad to answer. Also, on my website www.Gregforuc.com, there are copies under the documents that show on page 50 of the financial reports all of the bonded debt so that others may fact check it. The UCRP also emailed out a copy of my BCI from the State of Utah proving that I have no criminal record. I can send you another copy of that if you would like as well. Also, there is a phone number on my page as well. Many are shocked to learn that is my actual personal cell phone. I have answered and will continue to answer every question that anyone would like to know and I plan on always being that way. You and others may call it any time and ask me anything that you would like.


Greg Graves

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