To the People of Orem: Get out and support Wayne Burr and Sharon Anderson for Orem City Council!

It is a very rare opportunity for people in this day and age to have a real choice in political elections. The moral state of the people at large is one of ignorance, apathy, and a very dangerous insensitivity to the moral issues surrounding the concept of individual freedom and the rights of Man. It is a state that disregards good Constitutional custom. A condition which strongly seems to resist cultural norms, yet surrenders and yields to almost any distortion or common disregard of their freedom by the hands of their agents in government.

Well, for the people of Orem, this November you have many choices of which you should be proud to make. For those who care about freedom, understand the danger of indebtedness, and want truly limited government, there is not only one choice for city council, but two. In addition to voting no to the property tax increase and the CARE tax renewal, I hope you all will consider voting for Wayne Burr and Sharon Anderson.

It is largely due to the work of these two people (in addition to many others) that you even have a choice on the ballot on the decision for the tax increase in the first place. They both are people that will strive to keep their oath of office, and keep the city within the bounds set by the principles of the Proper Role of Government.

Please visit their websites, perhaps even contact them to aid them in their attempt to get elected. And please tell everyone you know here locally in person, over the phone/text, or even e-mail to get out November 5th to vote for these two candidates.

Visit Wayne Burr‘s website here.

Visit Sharon Anderson‘s website here.

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