“Thank You” to Hans Andersen

I, like many of you, was very disappointed with the Orem City election results. (See here)

In all honesty, I was so disappointed that this was a further cause for my partial hiatus from the website.

Both Hans Andersen and Claude Richards, the two in the election who truly value limited government, lost in the general election resulting in a sweep for those who are likely to, best case scenario, maintain the status quo or – worst case scenario, seek to further enhance the burdensome power of the City in size and scope.

Hans Andersen was one of the few candidates who did consistently push for limited government, lower taxes and less regulations past the hollow season of campaign rhetoric. It is sad to see him no longer on the council. The people of Orem, whether or not they agree or even realize it, owe Hans some gratitude for, if nothing else, his push for more transparency on the part of the City.

For those who would like to express their appreciation to/for Hans Andersen have an opportunity at the January meeting of the Utah County Liberty Forum Meeting on Wednesday, January 13th  at 10:00 AM.

It will be held at the Provo Library, Room #309.


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