What Is Truth?; A Critique of An Emphasis on “Church-Approved Materials”

Introductory Note: This blog, though long somewhat inactive, may begin to delve into areas found interesting to the author which may not be seen as directly applicable to the cause of freedom. It is not the intent to offend nor disparage persons, regardless of the boldness in which a certain principle or quotation may be criticized. […]

1/5 – Philosophical Foundation of the Constitution of the United States; A question of Forms, and not Principle

The philosophical basis of all good government, not just the U.S. Constitution (and not just the Constitutions of the several States), is found in the principles espoused by the Declaration of Independence. Those principles are the answers to the questions of “Why” and “What” as far as government is concerned (Why governments exist, and what […]

9/11: When a Search for Truth magically “becomes” Demeaning

I invite everyone to use their own mind, use their own eyes, use their own thoughts and feelings when it comes to the search for truth. The topic of 9/11 – too sensitive to most – does, in fact, effect the freedom battle across the planet, and thus, should not be neglected as a topic […]

Republic vs. Democracy; Why A True Republic is a better Form of Government for the protection of Rights…

Every government, every institution, every individual is and will always be accountable to Natural Law. Natural Law is simply all the laws that are independent of mankind and are, essentially, the unvarying system of causes and effects. Whether or not a people recognizes this fact is beside the point. Whether or not that understanding is […]

“What is Truth?”; A quick note on a very basic assumption on this blog; An attempt to preemptively avoid attack from any form of Irrationalism…

As a qualifier for this and every article to come, it is the author’s attempt to succinctly answer a question that must be addressed before any attempt is made to increase anyone’s understanding on the topic of freedom built on the premise of an objective reality. That question is this: What is Truth? Not only […]