What of the Constitution and Freedom?; Stand with Hans; Oppose the CDA for the University Mall; Petition Deadline Approaching Fast

[News update: The petition did fail for lack of signatures (according to Hans Andersen, by a small number). SourceĀ Here. One does find it interesting that this Daily Herald article quotes Mayor Brunst and Council member Macdonald as praising the failure of the petition as a sign of “the people having spoken” – when they opposed […]

To the People of Orem: uNOpia to Utopia!

Constitution of the State of Utah For those who live within the jurisdiction of the City of Orem, or any other UTOPIA-city, I would recommend visiting the two websites linked below and doing all you can to spread good information to your neighbors concerning the issue of UTOPIA, and the city’s involvement in “providing” fiber […]

To the people of Orem: What is the Moral Basis of a Free Society?; Orem’s PacSun Dilemma; Are many missing the “Moral” Issue?

H. Verlan Andersen

Here is a spontaneously made video message pertaining to today’s headline on the Daily Herald, which article can be found here. Please spread this message around. If there is one issue with which it would be legitimate to be a “one-issue voter” upon, the issue of general morality (vs. particular moral interests) in relation to […]