To the people of Orem: What is the Moral Basis of a Free Society?; Orem’s PacSun Dilemma; Are many missing the “Moral” Issue?

H. Verlan Andersen

Here is a spontaneously made video message pertaining to today’s headline on the Daily Herald, which article can be found here. Please spread this message around. If there is one issue with which it would be legitimate to be a “one-issue voter” upon, the issue of general morality (vs. particular moral interests) in relation to […]

To the People of Orem: Get out and support Wayne Burr and Sharon Anderson for Orem City Council!

It is a very rare opportunity for people in this day and age to have a real choice in political elections. The moral state of the people at large is one of ignorance, apathy, and a very dangerous insensitivity to the moral issues surrounding the concept of individual freedom and the rights of Man. It […]

Two Days from the Primary Election; Who will Keep their Oath of Office? (And Election Result and Reaction)

The summer has flown by! It is hard to believe that we are already down to just a couple days before the Primary Election. According to Donna Weaver, the city recorder, this primary election has had a potentially record breaking number of early voters. This trend is likely to continue on for election day itself. […]

Meet the Candidates Night Video (July 11, 2013)

For those who missed the first Meet the Candidates Night, you can find the video of the speeches from the candidates here. My speech starts about 34:17 and ends at about 37:41 [For some reason they, ‘by request’, disabled the ability to embed this video.]

The Responses to The Daily Herald; Some Basic Positions for City Council Race

QUESTION #1 –Sales tax revenues are not what they used to be. How will you encourage commercial development in your city? A city council member should not attempt to ACTIVELY encourage commercial development at all. Consumers making their own decisions with their own money is what should actively drive economic development. Businesses should compete for […]

Voter Information Pamphlet Entry

Your rights are not gifts from government. They come by virtue of your humanity. The sole legitimate purpose of civil government, at any level, is to protect those rights. Thus, my guiding principle is very clear: Any measure that supports your rights, I fully support! Any measure that infringes on those rights, I am against. This is the standard which the Founding Fathers […]

Campaign Update; Meeting with UCAOR; Please Spread the Word!

If you would like to organize any sort of “meet and greet” to discuss any issues with yourself, you and your family, or even you and your neighbors, please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk and would love to meet and discuss the issues facing Orem. (801)687-8305

Interview with Orem City Councilman Hans Andersen – Part One

Freedom Or Bust had a chance to sit down and interview Orem City Councilman Hans Andersen! Check out Mr. Andersen’s website at: Also, his radio show is on KSTAR 1400 AM on Fridays from 10-11 a.m.