A Quotation from H. Verlan Andersen; The Reign of Law

I thought I would share a quotation from a book that certainly influenced my thinking years ago – especially on the principle(s) of agency and the importance of freedom. Hopefully you enjoy it, and I would be interested in your thoughts and arguments on the matter. The intended audience was definitely to the LDS people […]

Update on Legislating “Morality”; Learn from Nigeria/Uganda/Russia…

Followers of this blog will know of a major theme of many of my posts: The idea that individual freedom is the moral issue, and moral basis, behind the existence of free governments and free societies. Awhile back, this author wrote an extensive article on the topic. You can find it here. I would still […]

Government: Punishing Crime vs. Perpetrating Crime; The Principle of Corpus Delicti behind a Free Society; Tragic irony found in “Justice” Courts

Government is not reason. It is Force. And since force and coercion necessarily infringe on the freedom of any person whenever it is used, the coercive action will always either be morally right or morally wrong. There is no way around this. When it becomes apparent that governments operate using the medium of force, the […]

The Three Spheres of Society; Humility Necessary for a Correct Understanding of the Limited Nature of Legitimate Legal Action

There are three interconnecting spheres to any and every society. The legal sphere, the moral sphere, and the ethical sphere. Every issue that comes about in society will reside in one, sometimes two, and sometimes in all three. The questions and answers as to why that is the case should lead to a much clearer […]