United Nations Day – modern “Internationalism”: Pseudo- Federalism in a different Light?

Today, “president” Barack Obama issued a proclamation concerning UN Day, and even encouraged the governors of the 50 states to likewise observe the day as a commemoration of hope in what is essentially termed “international cooperation”. What an interesting term: “cooperation”. Cooperation is a term which assumes a common end, and the determination to be united in […]

3/5 – What is the Constitution of the United States?

The Constitution of the United States is a Federal Compact. The Constitution of the United States was not instrumental creating a national government, and it is not a contract. These points will be argued in more detail underneath three basic points that are found below. 1. Contract vs. Compact The Constitution of the United States is not a […]

2/5 – What is a Constitution?

What is a Constitution? The very word “constitute”, as often defined as “to set; to fix; to enact; to establish“, or even “to form or compose; to give a formal existence to; to make a thing what it is” should give a very fitting hint as the nature of a Constitution, in regards to it’s […]