Once Again – “Our Land is Their Land?” – Implicit revival of a stale argument against the Rights of Man‏

The New American Magazine (NAM) apparently still can’t both leave their stale immigration arguments alone, and actually have an honest debate on the issue of Immigration as it relates to the American system of government and republicanism. In the August 19 Issue of the magazine, they included a letter to the editor that agreed and […]

Response and Challenge to The New American Magazine; “You Do not Own What Is Not Yours”; Stop making Immigrants the Scapegoats

The cover article for the April 22, 2013 issue of The New American Magazine was entitled: “Permanent Amnesty, Temporary Border” (see article here). This article was, as the title itself easily reveals, opposed to the “problems” of “illegal immigration” and “open borders”. Seeing the inconsistencies philosophically underlying the fact that this article was coming from […]