Election season For the People of Orem – Hans Andersen and Claude Richards

  [UPDATE: The primary election results are in – and both Hans Andersen and Claude Richards will be continuing on into the general election season. For the specifics pertaining to the election numbers, feel free to visit the city website here. Although this is a temporary victory to be celebrated – the reality is, the work […]

What of the Constitution and Freedom?; Stand with Hans; Oppose the CDA for the University Mall; Petition Deadline Approaching Fast

[News update: The petition did fail for lack of signatures (according to Hans Andersen, by a small number). Source Here. One does find it interesting that this Daily Herald article quotes Mayor Brunst and Council member Macdonald as praising the failure of the petition as a sign of “the people having spoken” – when they opposed […]

To the People of Orem: Please Fight the “CARE” Tax Renewal!; Correct a rejection of True Republicanism

The “Cultural Art and Recreation Enrichment” Tax is up for renewal and is on the November Ballot. Otherwise known as the CARE Tax, it is a 1/10 of 1% local sales tax that was approved by a majority of voters back in November 2005. This tax money is allocated by city council vote in the […]

Interview with Orem City Councilman Hans Andersen – Part One

Freedom Or Bust had a chance to sit down and interview Orem City Councilman Hans Andersen! Check out Mr. Andersen’s website at: https://sites.google.com/site/transparencyorem/ Also, his radio show is on KSTAR 1400 AM on Fridays from 10-11 a.m.