A new poll is out! Guess what percentage of Americans can name the three branches of Government?

According to a new poll that is out, only 36% of Americans can name even the simple three branches of government – namely, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. Apparently, roughly the same amount could not even name one of the branches. Notice, this poll doesn’t even involve questions that include the principle of federalism […]

100 Years of War since the War that Was to End All War; A Lesson on War and Entangling Alliances

One hundred years ago on July 28 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. One month earlier, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on a public trip to Serbia. This would obviously lead to heightened tension in the region, and following a series of diplomatic failures, such as the July Ultimatum, […]

La Quatorze Juillet

On this day, La Quatorze Juillet, or Bastille Day as it is referred to in English-speaking countries, 225 years ago, marked the historic storming of the Parisian fortress-prison within which were guns and ammunition, in addition to several political prisoners. This fortress-prison, or the Bastille, was a symbol of the power of the French monarchy, […]

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – Interconnected, Inseparable, and Timeless; Why “Pursuit of Happiness” instead of “Property”?

Even a tyrant wants freedom as it applies to one’s self! The unfortunate thing is that every form of tyranny and despotism refuses to acknowledge this desire in other people. Even, and the author should probably say especially, when that tyranny is a majority of the people! Tyranny doesn’t magically lose its entire meaning if […]

Freedom or Bust Video Update / What are Fundamental Rights and Duties? A brief synopsis…

Fundamental, natural rights are those rights which everyone can simultaneously claim and/or exercise without forcing another to serve their needs or purposes. Here are the exact definitions of the words unalienable, and inalienable: Inalienable is defined “as incapable of being surrendered or transferred; at least without one’s consent.” (Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d, 101, author’s emphasis) Unalienable means […]

Do we only have a RIGHT to “throw off” tyrannical government? A quick look at a basic example of a right’s corresponding duty…

What is a tyrannical government?  Have you ever wondered that? Would would be a good working definition of “tyranny”? The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary defines tyranny, in part, as the “Arbitrary or despotic exercise of power; the exercise of power over subjects and others with a rigor not authorized by law or justice, or not […]

Agency, Freedom, and Liberty

Words, being necessary for much interpersonal communication, including that of ideals, thoughts, and even feelings, must be carefully defined. When defined properly, words broaden our ability to communicate ideals that could be necessary in further understanding any attempt to communicate principles of a more in-depth nature, in the future. That being said, consider this quotation: […]