Speaking Event at the re-Ratify Project Training Seminar; Topic: Article Three of the United States Constitution

For those who are interested, there is an event this coming Saturday, August 16, that is intended to inform the people about the United States Constitution. It is called the re-Ratify Project and the link for more information, as well as for registration if you would like to do so ahead of time, is found here.

It will be on August 16 at the SCERA Center for the Arts – the address of which is: 745 South State Street in Orem, Utah.

Start time is 9:00 A.M, and the event will go until 5 P.M. (and also includes a lunch break).

The lecture topic that I have been asked to speak on (and which I gratefully received) is Article Three of the United States Constitution, which set up the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government. The title of my lecture is:

Separating Fact from Fiction; The Role of the Federal Judiciary in the American System of Governments
– A Principle-based Foundation For a Correct Understanding of Article Three of the United States Constitution

The topic so assigned is very broad, and is obviously deserving of much much more time than that allotted; but I will do my best to get as much valuable information into the 45-minute lecture as possible.

There are also going to be other speakers as well – including Gary Alder; who’s book (which was also written with Carolyn Alder) on the Electoral College is the most concise and correct book I have yet to read on the topic (Found here). I highly recommend the book for your reading and am personally looking forward to hearing what he has to say!

The more famous speaker at this event will be Reverend Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz.

So, once again, if you feel so inclined – come to the re-Ratify Project Training Seminar this coming Saturday! If you do, I will see you there.

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