Skyler Hamilton for Orem City Council 2013

Skyler-Hamilton-Candidate-44-2The only proper function of Civil Government is the protection of Fundamental Natural Rights and the enforcing of those Rights’ corresponding duties. Anything more than this is tyrannical. Therefore, there is a specific role of government that is very limited in scope, and precise in nature. This understanding is enshrined in the foundational documents of America.

This Proper Role for Government applies to government in any form, and at any level. The principles behind the Constitution of this land apply just as much in Orem City today as they did in Massachusetts or Virginia 200+ years ago! But in the end, the words on the founding documents of this country are meaningless if we, the people, don’t enforce the principles found therein.

We are tragically witnessing an apostasy in America! An apostasy away from the founding principles of this blessed land! We are going away from the principles of freedom! The symptoms of this abandoning of a government in harmony with the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence has become apparent even in Family City USA. Whether it is the injustice that plagues the “Justice” Courts, unjust taxation, the inexcusable debt, meddling with free enterprise via projects like UTOPIA or Midtown Village, or even the licensing laws and other excessive regulations, Orem City is not living up to the truly American standard for government!

My candidacy is merely my attempt to use the platform, and eventually the position of city councilman, to revive and do the best I possibly can at restoring those fundamental principles and their application here in Orem, Utah. In fact, I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I commit to the people of Orem that I will refuse my salary, and will, instead, have that money go towards legitimate public services. (After all, it used to be called public service for a reason!). This will be part of my contribution towards the goal of having a self-sustaining city that is debt-free, and which is in harmony with government’s entire purpose.

The oath of office that I will take as a representative of the people of Orem, as has every other representative of the people of this city, is this:

“I do solemnly swear that I will support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Utah, and the laws and ordinances of the City of Orem, and that I will discharge the duties of my office in the City of Orem with fidelity.”

My number one promise to the people of Orem is that I will keep my oath! I will support, obey, and defend the principles behind the Constitution of the United States. That is a good standard for government! Everyone living within the jurisdiction of Orem City will benefit from that standard becoming a reality! Everyone benefits from the securing of individual rights!

My guiding principle should be clear to all persons: Any measure that supports fundamental natural rights, and enforces fundamental natural duties, I fully support! Any measure that makes the exercise of those rights and enforcement of those duties less efficient, whether it is outright infringement, or merely bureaucratic excess, I am against! We all realize the importance of freedom as it is applied to ourselves. Let us not forget how that applies to other people, especially in the actions of civil government!

Remember that Freedom Matters! That individual freedom is the ultimate civic virtue! Please share the message with everyone you know, and lets restore the Constitution, one person at a time!

I am open and would love any personal or group discussions on the principles of freedom and the proper role of government at any possible time.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail for any arrangements or any questions you may have.
My e-mail is:
My phone number is: 801-687-8305

Thank you for your time.

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