Republic vs. Democracy; Why A True Republic is a better Form of Government for the protection of Rights…

Every government, every institution, every individual is and will always be accountable to Natural Law. Natural Law is simply all the laws that are independent of mankind and are, essentially, the unvarying system of causes and effects. Whether or not a people recognizes this fact is beside the point. Whether or not that understanding is […]

Support CSPOA – Mack/Printz v. US – Interview with Richard Mack

Please Support the CSPOA! See if your local sheriff can attend their convention and learn more about his/her Constitutional authority! Please learn about the federalistic governmental system of the United States! Study Mack v. US and share this information with others. Our local sheriffs, local governments, and state governments can fight back against federal […]

Monarchy: The Popery of Government for a Biblically aware People; Government a Moral Reflection of the People; Natural Law will always be the “King” of a Free People

If Divine Providence endows, and even our own very existence naturally comes with certain, unalienable rights and duties, how can any attempt to infringe on those be considered not only tyranny, but blasphemy? If our Rights are truly God-given, than how could any infringement on those rights by anyone, let alone another human peer on this Earth […]

Interview with Orem City Councilman Hans Andersen – Part One

Freedom Or Bust had a chance to sit down and interview Orem City Councilman Hans Andersen! Check out Mr. Andersen’s website at: Also, his radio show is on KSTAR 1400 AM on Fridays from 10-11 a.m.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – Interconnected, Inseparable, and Timeless; Why “Pursuit of Happiness” instead of “Property”?

Even a tyrant wants freedom as it applies to one’s self! The unfortunate thing is that every form of tyranny and despotism refuses to acknowledge this desire in other people. Even, and the author should probably say especially, when that tyranny is a majority of the people! Tyranny doesn’t magically lose its entire meaning if […]

Speak Out!

What type of government is best at securing individual rights? What is the difference between a democracy and a republic? James Madison, the Father of the US Constitution, stated: “[D]emocracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general […]

The Declaration Of Independence AND You! – Part 1

See if YOU can identify which Rights were being violated in the specific grievances outlined in the Declaration of Independence?! Do those grievance still apply today?? What is YOUR list of grievances? Thomas Jefferson, once kindly criticized for relying on principles already so well known in John Locke’s ‘Second Treatise on Government’, replied that he […]

A Few Basics of the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson, once kindly criticized for relying on principles already so well known in John Locke’s ‘Second Treatise on Government’, replied that he was not trying to “…find out new principles, or new arguments, never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said before; but to place before mankind the […]

What is Sovereignty? The Difference between Power and Authority…

Sovereignty – Supreme Authority (ultimate decision making authority) Remember, “National Sovereignty” cannot exist outside of the respective sovereign individuals that make up that nation! Power – The Ability to Act Authority – The Right to Act George Mason stated: “In all our associations; in all our agreements let us never lose sight of this fundamental […]

Rights and Duties

Note: It should be rendered Life (Future), Liberty (Present), and the Pursuit of Happiness (Past) A Fundamental Natural RIGHT is only a right which everyone can simultaneously claim and/or exercise without forcing another to serve their needs, goals or purposes. A fundamental natural DUTY is only a duty which one owes everyone else simultaneously because […]

What are the differences between Fundamental Rights/Duties and Civil “Rights”/Duties?

A Fundamental Natural Right is only a right which everyone can simultaneously claim and/or exercise without forcing another to serve their needs, goals or purposes. Inseparable from fundamental rights is the concept of fundamental duties. With every fundamental right, there is a corresponding fundamental duty. Rights and Duties are as inseparable themselves as those very rights and […]

The Power is in the People, and Authority is originally in the Individual; Only Three Possible Roles for Government…

What is government? And what is its purpose? When you take a second to think about it, a government is simply a legal fiction. It doesn’t tangibly exist. But for now, think of government as a small number of people hired by the people at large to carry out specifically authorized services for them. Government […]

The Three Spheres of Society; Humility Necessary for a Correct Understanding of the Limited Nature of Legitimate Legal Action

There are three interconnecting spheres to any and every society. The legal sphere, the moral sphere, and the ethical sphere. Every issue that comes about in society will reside in one, sometimes two, and sometimes in all three. The questions and answers as to why that is the case should lead to a much clearer […]

Freedom or Bust Video Update / What are Fundamental Rights and Duties? A brief synopsis…

Fundamental, natural rights are those rights which everyone can simultaneously claim and/or exercise without forcing another to serve their needs or purposes. Here are the exact definitions of the words unalienable, and inalienable: Inalienable is defined “as incapable of being surrendered or transferred; at least without one’s consent.” (Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d, 101, author’s emphasis) Unalienable means […]

Do we only have a RIGHT to “throw off” tyrannical government? A quick look at a basic example of a right’s corresponding duty…

What is a tyrannical government?  Have you ever wondered that? Would would be a good working definition of “tyranny”? The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary defines tyranny, in part, as the “Arbitrary or despotic exercise of power; the exercise of power over subjects and others with a rigor not authorized by law or justice, or not […]

What is a Fundamental Natural Right?

The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary defines the word “right,” in part, as: “A just claim”, “That which justly belongs to one,“ as well as “Authority,“ or “legal power.“ Often, the word “right” is preceded by a number of words, such as natural, fundamental, individual, or even human. These four words, in the end and for […]

Agency, Freedom, and Liberty

Words, being necessary for much interpersonal communication, including that of ideals, thoughts, and even feelings, must be carefully defined. When defined properly, words broaden our ability to communicate ideals that could be necessary in further understanding any attempt to communicate principles of a more in-depth nature, in the future. That being said, consider this quotation: […]

“What is Truth?”; A quick note on a very basic assumption on this blog; An attempt to preemptively avoid attack from any form of Irrationalism…

As a qualifier for this and every article to come, it is the author’s attempt to succinctly answer a question that must be addressed before any attempt is made to increase anyone’s understanding on the topic of freedom built on the premise of an objective reality. That question is this: What is Truth? Not only […]

Why YOU should care about politics…

In directly expressing a recommendation for a more general desire to understand the nature of politics, it becomes clear that there needs be a remedy for the jaded emotional hype and all too prominent societal negativity which surrounds the general view of such a topic. The statesman and founding father, John Adams, referred to politics […]