To LDS, or other interested people: On what should you pay Tithing? What is “Income”?

There is much confusion surrounding the true history and application of the 16th Amendment, and how the concept applies throughout our lives. This being the case, the subject must definitely be the substance of many posts to come. That being said, in the LDS (Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon) community there seems to be as pervasive […]

Learn from Nigeria and Russia; Tyranny naturally results from people neglecting the limits of Good “Moral” Legislation; The General Morality

Should we, as a people, be deterred by the charge of attempting to “legislate morality”? The government in Nigeria has passed and has now begun to enforce a law, not only against “gay marriage”, but against people that are found homosexual and/or are found in any association that supports them. According to this law, as […]

Shame on the Dallas Sheriff’s Deputies who blatantly violated the Rights of Peaceful Protestors! A Good Example of Oath breakers in a Time which cries for Oath Keepers…

We were in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 2013 – the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination. And we were protesting attempts by Dallas “authorities” to restrict and infringe on the rights of free speech and assembly. This, ironically, led to one of the most blatant infringements I have personally witnessed. It was a scene […]

50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination – Part 2 (Some Words from JFK himself)

There are some words from John F. Kennedy that I felt might be fitting to share. JFK was far from perfect as a president, but many of his words ring true to freedom-lovers everywhere. Here is a long excerpt from JFK’s First Inaugural Address: “I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn […]

50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy – Part One (Some Questions)

For those who have yet to inquire into the truth surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I would highly recommend watching this video from The Corbett Report and truly asking yourself if the official story stands the test of logic and reason. For the transcript and sources for this video, click here . Remember, […]

Killing Oswald – Premier at Texas Theater (11/17/13)

On November 17, five days before the 50th anniversary of the murder of JFK, I had the privilege of viewing the premiere of Killing Oswald at the Texas Theater in Dallas, Texas. The Texas Theater was the very theater in which Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested by the Dallas Police on November 23, 1963. In addition […]

City of Orem General Election Results and Reaction

Hope, like the sun, encourages life and yet, in unhealthy heavy doses, burns many! It is conceded that some optimism is always healthy for the soul, but one must also remember that disappointment comes with any unmet expectation. That possibly very poor little analogy is about as succinct as I can be in describing my […]

To the People of Orem: Vote No To the proposed Orem City Tax “Adjustment” (a.k.a. Increase)

Please vote No to the proposed City of Orem Property Tax Increase. With any ballot initiative, it is good to understand the history and true purpose behind the forces driving it. This is yet another good example of the need for Facts to be submitted to a candid world, and for the principles of free […]

To the People of Orem: Get out and support Wayne Burr and Sharon Anderson for Orem City Council!

It is a very rare opportunity for people in this day and age to have a real choice in political elections. The moral state of the people at large is one of ignorance, apathy, and a very dangerous insensitivity to the moral issues surrounding the concept of individual freedom and the rights of Man. It […]

Once Again – “Our Land is Their Land?” – Implicit revival of a stale argument against the Rights of Man‏

The New American Magazine (NAM) apparently still can’t both leave their stale immigration arguments alone, and actually have an honest debate on the issue of Immigration as it relates to the American system of government and republicanism. In the August 19 Issue of the magazine, they included a letter to the editor that agreed and […]

5 Constitutional points to consider even locally…

Here are five Constitutional points to consider when approaching this local election season: 1.  “No capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid…” (Art. 1, Sec. 9, US Constitution) Did you know that a Property Tax is a Direct Tax? Although this clause is a particular restriction on the federal government and not on the […]

To the People of Orem: Please Fight the “CARE” Tax Renewal!; Correct a rejection of True Republicanism

The “Cultural Art and Recreation Enrichment” Tax is up for renewal and is on the November Ballot. Otherwise known as the CARE Tax, it is a 1/10 of 1% local sales tax that was approved by a majority of voters back in November 2005. This tax money is allocated by city council vote in the […]

Hope you all have a happy Constitution Day and Week!

For those who don’t know, September 17th is Constitution Day. In fact, September 17-23 is Constitution Week. I hope everyone takes some time this week to read, study, and ponder the Constitution. Remember, the principles of the Declaration of Independence correctly answers the questions of “what” and “why” as far as good government is concerned. […]

Two Days from the Primary Election; Who will Keep their Oath of Office? (And Election Result and Reaction)

The summer has flown by! It is hard to believe that we are already down to just a couple days before the Primary Election. According to Donna Weaver, the city recorder, this primary election has had a potentially record breaking number of early voters. This trend is likely to continue on for election day itself. […]

Vote Skyler Hamilton for Orem City Council on August 13! Let’s help to restore and revive Constitutional Principles on a Local Level

For those that haven’t read it yet, here is my 200 word message that was printed in the Voter Information Pamphlet: “Your rights are not gifts from government. They come by virtue of your humanity. The sole legitimate purpose of civil government, at any level, is to protect those rights. Thus, my guiding principle is […]

The Proper Moral Foundation of Law in Society; Let’s Avoid a Destructive and Needless Battle of the Factions

Every law has a moral backing. There is no way around this fact. Every law either forbids or compels action to all those to whom it applies. The enforcement thereof will always require the punishing of those who do not obey by depriving them of life, freedom, or property. Once this is realized, the deep […]

Meet the Candidates Night Video (July 11, 2013)

For those who missed the first Meet the Candidates Night, you can find the video of the speeches from the candidates here. My speech starts about 34:17 and ends at about 37:41 [For some reason they, ‘by request’, disabled the ability to embed this video.]

The Responses to The Daily Herald; Some Basic Positions for City Council Race

QUESTION #1 –Sales tax revenues are not what they used to be. How will you encourage commercial development in your city? A city council member should not attempt to ACTIVELY encourage commercial development at all. Consumers making their own decisions with their own money is what should actively drive economic development. Businesses should compete for […]

Happy Fourth of July! Let us give the principles of the Declaration meaning today…

The real fireworks are in the principles! We hope that everyone takes time today to read and ponder the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence. It is, in the humble opinion of this author, the greatest thesis statement on the Proper Role of Government thus far known to mankind. The Declaration simply states that: […]

Response and Challenge to The New American Magazine; “You Do not Own What Is Not Yours”; Stop making Immigrants the Scapegoats

The cover article for the April 22, 2013 issue of The New American Magazine was entitled: “Permanent Amnesty, Temporary Border” (see article here). This article was, as the title itself easily reveals, opposed to the “problems” of “illegal immigration” and “open borders”. Seeing the inconsistencies philosophically underlying the fact that this article was coming from […]

Voter Information Pamphlet Entry

Your rights are not gifts from government. They come by virtue of your humanity. The sole legitimate purpose of civil government, at any level, is to protect those rights. Thus, my guiding principle is very clear: Any measure that supports your rights, I fully support! Any measure that infringes on those rights, I am against. This is the standard which the Founding Fathers […]

Campaign Update; Meeting with UCAOR; Please Spread the Word!

If you would like to organize any sort of “meet and greet” to discuss any issues with yourself, you and your family, or even you and your neighbors, please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk and would love to meet and discuss the issues facing Orem. (801)687-8305

Government: Punishing Crime vs. Perpetrating Crime; The Principle of Corpus Delicti behind a Free Society; Tragic irony found in “Justice” Courts

Government is not reason. It is Force. And since force and coercion necessarily infringe on the freedom of any person whenever it is used, the coercive action will always either be morally right or morally wrong. There is no way around this. When it becomes apparent that governments operate using the medium of force, the […]