2/5 – What is a Constitution?

What is a Constitution? The very word “constitute”, as often defined as “to set; to fix; to enact; to establish“, or even “to form or compose; to give a formal existence to; to make a thing what it is” should give a very fitting hint as the nature of a Constitution, in regards to it’s […]

1/5 – Philosophical Foundation of the Constitution of the United States; A question of Forms, and not Principle

The philosophical basis of all good government, not just the U.S. Constitution (and not just the Constitutions of the several States), is found in the principles espoused by the Declaration of Independence. Those principles are the answers to the questions of “Why” and “What” as far as government is concerned (Why governments exist, and what […]

Valuable Workshop on September 27 – “Shattering America’s Trance”

Below is information on an event that seems very well worth attending for those who would like to learn more about the problems facing the United States, as well as some new techniques for improving our ability to reach out to our friends and neighbors. The host, former Orem City Council candidate and political activist, […]

9/11: When a Search for Truth magically “becomes” Demeaning

I invite everyone to use their own mind, use their own eyes, use their own thoughts and feelings when it comes to the search for truth. The topic of 9/11 – too sensitive to most – does, in fact, effect the freedom battle across the planet, and thus, should not be neglected as a topic […]

Ugandan Constitutional Court Stands with Rights of an unpopular minority – albeit on a procedural technicality; Fruits of a calculated form of Judicial Independence?

Long-time followers of this website will recall a few articles dealing with the issues surrounding legislation and morality – and should remember the false alternative discussed in the articles pertaining to the alleged “both sides” of the issue. Two of these articles used current and real-life examples of tyrannical “moral” statutes in foreign nations in […]

Speaking Event at the re-Ratify Project Training Seminar; Topic: Article Three of the United States Constitution

For those who are interested, there is an event this coming Saturday, August 16, that is intended to inform the people about the United States Constitution. It is called the re-Ratify Project and the link for more information, as well as for registration if you would like to do so ahead of time, is found […]

100 Years of War since the War that Was to End All War; A Lesson on War and Entangling Alliances

One hundred years ago on July 28 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. One month earlier, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on a public trip to Serbia. This would obviously lead to heightened tension in the region, and following a series of diplomatic failures, such as the July Ultimatum, […]

The Myth of a Hierarchy of Importance between Rights and Duties

Recently, there has been a trend among many to emphasize merely one side of the symbolic “coin” of human freedom – namely rights and/or duties. Yet, hopefully the readers of this blog will have realized that this is not a case of “milk before meat” – but of, at best, confusion – and in the […]

La Quatorze Juillet

On this day, La Quatorze Juillet, or Bastille Day as it is referred to in English-speaking countries, 225 years ago, marked the historic storming of the Parisian fortress-prison within which were guns and ammunition, in addition to several political prisoners. This fortress-prison, or the Bastille, was a symbol of the power of the French monarchy, […]

The “Freedom” Festival

Like so many of you, I received a magazine in the mail advertising for the so-called Freedom Festival – a yearly festival every July 4th, the patriotism surrounding which is supposed to commemorate Independence Day and the birthday of the 13 American States. Yet, as should be surprising, there was not one mention of the […]

Perhaps the Original Rough Draft, or copy, of the Declaration of Independence

Below is the text of the John Adams rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. Although the original authorship perhaps was not from Adams himself – the Adams rough draft provides some insight into the true intended meaning of the document Americans still claim to celebrate on this day. It is worth a read. ——————– […]

To the People of Orem: uNOpia to Utopia!

Constitution of the State of Utah For those who live within the jurisdiction of the City of Orem, or any other UTOPIA-city, I would recommend visiting the two websites linked below and doing all you can to spread good information to your neighbors concerning the issue of UTOPIA, and the city’s involvement in “providing” fiber […]

Life and Conscience; Rights of Property, Property of Rights – and the Difference between Property and Property Rights

In Article 1, Section 4 of the Utah Constitution – in a section that is often merely labelled a section on Religious Freedom – it states: “The Rights of Conscience shall not be infringed.” This sentence wisely appears before the protection of religious freedom, since logically, as will be shown, the rights of conscience are […]

Indefinite Detention and Standing – Should a Technicality outweigh Constitutional Protection?

[Note: In an attempt to make a long story short, and to have that reflect in a shorter post, this quick chronology has been simplified. There are many more details that can be found in studying the case history of Hedges v. Obama] SIMPLIFIED BACKGROUND OF 2012 NDAA “President” Obama threatened a veto in an […]

DUI Check Point – About Freedom, Not Drunk Driving

This video footage is over a year old, but we thought it still may be worth showing. Any form of general warrant should be despised by a free people. Instead of punishing charged criminal behavior following due process of law to determine innocence or guilt, it punishes everyone merely due to the alleged behavior of […]

April 19 – Patriots’ Day

I hope you all take time to remember those patriots today who helped bring about a situation when a free society was even a possibility in modern America. The holiday commemorates the first battles of the American Revolutionary War – Lexington and Concord. Although often celebrated on the third Monday in April or something similar […]

Tales of the Happy Valley “Gestapo”

[Note: Due to the fact that many of the readers of this blog happen to live in and around Utah Valley, I felt that this article would be well worth re-posting on this site – although it is worth a read regardless of whether or not you do live around the jurisdiction of the City […]

A Neglected Study: English Language Construction

Few people take the time to be precise in their understanding and use of language. Language, being the means of communication and necessary for the communication of ideas, is so very crucial in the battle for freedom – or any battle, for that matter. Without clear use of language, there is less chance of clear […]

To the people of Orem: What is the Moral Basis of a Free Society?; Orem’s PacSun Dilemma; Are many missing the “Moral” Issue?

H. Verlan Andersen

Here is a spontaneously made video message pertaining to today’s headline on the Daily Herald, which article can be found here. Please spread this message around. If there is one issue with which it would be legitimate to be a “one-issue voter” upon, the issue of general morality (vs. particular moral interests) in relation to […]

Washington Supreme Court upholds the Right to To Be Left Alone; Stop Incessant and Unproductive Focus on Washington D.C.!

We do not live in a national system of government, we live in a federal system of governments! And the two cases discussed briefly below are an example of why the lack of internalization of this basic principle could very well have the consequence of a loss in the current battle for freedom in America. […]

March 2, 1836 – The Anniversary of the Document Solidifying Texas Independence; The Difference Between Signers and Witnesses

[Note: I meant for this post to be up on March 2 for the actual anniversary, but unfortunately, as is obvious, I am late in posting this. Fortunately, the principles and courageous examples of these patriots are timeless, and are powerfully heroic, regardless of the date of this post, and in fact, regardless of whether […]

Federal Court Affirms “Ban” on Wearing Images of American Flag on T-Shirts in a Public School

ANOTHER TRAGIC SYMPTOM OF TYRANNY IN THE MODERN TIME Once united behind the noble cause of republicanism, of individual rights and duties, and a government that could be governed by the written and ratified document which formalized it’s creation (namely, the Constitutions), it now is ever more clear that the people have succumbed to the […]

Update on Legislating “Morality”; Learn from Nigeria/Uganda/Russia…

Followers of this blog will know of a major theme of many of my posts: The idea that individual freedom is the moral issue, and moral basis, behind the existence of free governments and free societies. Awhile back, this author wrote an extensive article on the topic. You can find it here. I would still […]

How to Discern between Truly Lawful and faux Civil Rights (Privileges); A Reminder About Human Rights

Recently, this author was asked about how to identify a true Civil Privilege (often called a “right”) and a phony, or faux, civil privilege. This is a great question worth answering. Although this has been covered at this website a few times, the principles are never outdated, and are definitely worthy of reminder. After all, […]