To the people of Orem: What is the Moral Basis of a Free Society?; Orem’s PacSun Dilemma; Are many missing the “Moral” Issue?

H. Verlan Andersen

Here is a spontaneously made video message pertaining to today’s headline on the Daily Herald, which article can be found here.

Please spread this message around. If there is one issue with which it would be legitimate to be a “one-issue voter” upon, the issue of general morality (vs. particular moral interests) in relation to government policy and action would be it!

The dilemma of government was captured well by H. Verlan Andersen when he stated:

 H. Verlan Andersen

H. Verlan Andersen

A government which pretends to be just to all must see to it that the code of morality expressed by its laws is properly enforceable against everyone. With the exception of infants and mental incompetents, everyone is expected to conform to the laws or suffer punishment. But unless each member of society believes the conduct which the law prohibits to be evil, and that which it commands to be good, some will be punished for doing that which they sincerely consider to be right while others will be compelled to do that which they regard as wrong. This violates our sense of justice and the only solution is to find a moral code which is known and accepted by all people.

For those interested in some more information directed at pointing out the issues surrounding the term: “legislating morality” – including the false alternative fallacy often confusing the issue in the minds of the people – check out the articles here and here.

2 thoughts on “To the people of Orem: What is the Moral Basis of a Free Society?; Orem’s PacSun Dilemma; Are many missing the “Moral” Issue?

  1. Okay, so, I have thought about it….I understand the point that you are trying to make, and I completely agree with you that we should not be running to government for every little thing. For the most part government does not belong in business. Too many people these days run to government as their daddy or big brother and forget that government is us- We the people.
    But, Public morality does need to be regulated by Government. A Free Society Cannot Remain Free Unless Morality Remains Strong. Government has every right to take a stand on moral issues. Just as they must ban public nudity, they may compel public viewed shops to limit what is put on display.
    Sadly, the farther away from righteousness society drifts, the more immorality we will see being enforced rather than morality. I think that the Orem City Council handled things very well in this case.
    By the way, I Love H. Verlan Anderson and this quote; but doesn’t it seem to be in opposition to what You are saying?

  2. Sallyssays wrote: “But public morality really does need to be regulated by Government” …??? REALLY??? The most IMMORAL and CORRUPT entity on the face of the earth? And please tell me, “morality” by whose standards?

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