To LDS, or other interested people: On what should you pay Tithing? What is “Income”?

There is much confusion surrounding the true history and application of the 16th Amendment, and how the concept applies throughout our lives. This being the case, the subject must definitely be the substance of many posts to come.

That being said, in the LDS (Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon) community there seems to be as pervasive a misunderstanding of the concept of tithing, especially in terms of what it applies to (“increase/income”), as there is in the American community as a whole pertaining to the principles behind the “Income” Tax. This is an unfortunate circumstance that does not need to be the case, and yet, it is also a “fortunate” circumstance, if you will, in providing a good opportunity for commenting on the true nature and understanding of the term: Income.

Hopefully, via learning, this trend will not continue for those open enough to the logic and reasoning encouraged by websites such as this one. Hopefully, people will grow in their learning and understanding of reality, including those LDS who are attempting to adhere to the religion claimed to be based on what was called by one past member of their Quorum of the Twelve: “A Rational Theology”.

For those who are interested in reading a brief commentary on the religious principle of Tithing, as improperly practiced currently by the general LDS community throughout the world, please feel free to read the article that is found here or here.

At first, I was hesitant in making this post due to the obvious implications of a view toward the culture of a particular religious denomination. But, this author came to the conclusion that, due to the economic hardships being experienced by so many currently, this was, nevertheless, an important post to make.

Economic freedom is a big part of the overall ability of many to have the time and freedom to spend learning and improving themselves, as well as improving the situation at home with their families. This then, in turn, impacts every aspect of people’s lives. The information contained in the article will hopefully aid many in bringing about a situation where people will be less “victimized” by circumstance, and in turn, empowered with knowledge to take more control over their lives, happiness, and security – while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of their feelings toward their God, what they view as His expectations, and what LDS typically view as His Church.

Joseph Smith famously stated that “knowledge saves a man”. I hope this knowledge will have a similar effect on many who are struggling financially in the modern situation.

Hope you enjoy it.

[For LDS who are interested in well developed articles on various points of gospel doctrine, I would recommend the website Claim To Truth as a very good source of good information and reasoning.]

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