Lord, How Long?

Sometimes it is quite difficult to not get discouraged. When one sees the outright immoral standards that are being enforced on society (often in the name of “morality“), the nearly universal constitutional apostasy that is widespread amongst the united States, and the outright infringement on the rights of which it is government’s sole purpose to protect, sometimes one simply asks themselves: “Lord, How Long?” (Isa. 6:11, KJV)

Just take these three videos of news events within the past week which pertain to various peaceful and private everyday people (in relative terms, of course) and how the mechanism of the state and “it’s” so-called “peace officers” and other alleged agents of “justice” – instead of acting in a way that is “for their benefit” – have actually been a force for evil and terror in their lives.

These videos contain clear evidence of the state mechanism being used to violate rights which come from Nature and the Cosmos itself and, thus, indicate a blaspheming of the cause of Divine Providence in “the state’s” deliberate and arrogant violation of the Rights of which even He/She would uphold! – Even as God is the very beacons of the morality most claim to believe!  Evidence of State officers committing actual crimes on a scale that no private sector criminal could ever dream of successfully committing without, at least, some form of accountability in this world!

Simply watch, and ask yourselves – Is this justice?

Video #1



In spite of their oaths of office to a Constitution including the Fourth Amendment (or a state constitutional equivalent) guarantee of some form of the right to be left alone, the Natural Law standard of Corpus Delicti, and even in spite of the prior complaints against these specific officers of the state (of whom it is apparent that the motto “to serve and protect” applies to the state and to their own egos and pocketbooks – not “the people”) – these officers commit blatant crimes against these peaceful people!

Would not ANY REASONABLE person have had similar feelings as those expressed by the people in the vehicle – without even touching the fact that they have the right to refuse consent to a “search or seizure” and stay within their vehicle?!

When will people realize that the state mechanism (even cities) have zero incentive to investigate their own crimes? Let alone realize that even in the so-called “Justice Courts” – every city official is, in part, paid for by the guilty verdicts! Yet, in spite of the obvious incentive structure currently in place, people are still led to believe that the state can have no interests of their own, and that they are merely the “impartial arbiters of justice”. And people, in so believing this foolish myth, are (whether directly or indirectly) applying a separate moral standard to state officers as they would to their friends and family, let alone neighbors!

Video #2



Here we have state officials in a case of sick irony – committing CRIMES in the name of allegedly fighting “crime”! Yet, even the commentators in the mainstream media are surprised that the Federal Government even has the nerve to even consider doing this, let alone the fact of their actually having done it! And then, once exposed, the DEA is not even apologizing and promising “reforms” and “discipline” to those involved. No! The Federal Officials are defending this!!

Is anyone surprised the the Federal State is defending their own crimes and, along those same lines, will anyone be surprised if the federal courts side with the federal officials when it comes to their federal crimes? If you or I did something similar – would there be any question as to who would be held accountable, even punished in the extreme?

Once again, is this justice? 

Let’s hope that the impartiality of the federal courts has not become so dead as to have the nerve to side with the DEA on this one.


Video #3


Does anyone still have the nerve to defend Mandatory Minima as tending towards more justice, and not less justice?

Here we have a person, in a high stress scenario, acting in his and his family’s best interest (in his own relative view as well as the family’s); and handled that high stress scenario in a way that resolved the situation without hurting anybody, and anything except his own wall!

Even if the alleged actus reus (“guilty act”) was malum in se, or “wrong in itself” (which it was not!) – where is the mens rea (“guilty mind”)?! Where is the criminal intent at all, let alone toward any being that has standing.

How does the legal fiction of the state, itself, have standing anyway? Was it harmed by this man’s justifiable actions?

Even in prison, this fellow human being defends his own actions – and who would assert that his actions were unreasonable?

And yet, the treasonous  State of Florida (treasonous in regards to the Law of Nature), including the complaisance and aid from the obviously ignorant members of the public which comprised the jury – still has not only punished this man, but continues to do so, and will continue to do so. This man is still being punished for what is not wrong!

Is that justice? Is that evidence of a just social structure? Has the public, generally, and the state officials, specifically, completely forgotten the Golden Rule – or have they simply rejected it?

How much more will it take before we stand up for ourselves and live up to the principles of freedom which will always be there for those who choose to live them – regardless of the consequences that would most likely come in this puny and corrupt world…

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