Hope you all have a happy Constitution Day and Week!

For those who don’t know, September 17th is Constitution Day. In fact, September 17-23 is Constitution Week. I hope everyone takes some time this week to read, study, and ponder the Constitution.

Remember, the principles of the Declaration of Independence correctly answers the questions of “what” and “why” as far as good government is concerned. The Constitution of the United States, as well as of the several states, was their attempt at creating a government in harmony with those principles. We need to correctly understand both in order to restore the Republic.

At the end of the day, the Constitution is meaningless if we don’t appreciate and value it, to say nothing of our enforcing it. It truly can only be a document of “We, the People” if we hold our government accountable to it, and ensure, in whatever way we can, that the governments of these united States operate underneath it.

You can read the Constitution of the United States here.
You can read the Bill of Rights, or the first ten Amendments to the Constitution, here.

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