A Neglected Study: English Language Construction

Noah Webster

Few people take the time to be precise in their understanding and use of language.

Language, being the means of communication and necessary for the communication of ideas, is so very crucial in the battle for freedom – or any battle, for that matter. Without clear use of language, there is less chance of clear thinking, let alone of clear and precise communication about correct ideas; ideas which find their power in their purity – and which lose power as we lose that purity. This then results in imprecise action, organization, and, most importantly, imprecise results.

Once again, the spreading of good ideas necessarily involves effective communication skills. It requires semantic precision – precision in correct meaning. Therefore, the study of language is extremely useful and is a part of the battle for freedom. Noah Webster, the sole lexicographer behind the 1828 Dictionary which bears his name, put it this way in the Preface:

“Language is the Expression of Ideas; and if the people of one country cannot preserve an identity of ideas, they cannot retain an identity of language.”

Noah Webster firmly understood this in the founding era, and did much to promote freedom through the understanding of language and communication. In fact, he felt that for the revolution to be successful, the people amongst the united States would have to separate themselves linguistically, as well as politically. This was a big motivator behind his organizing the first American English Dictionary – the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary. This dictionary is a key work that is very useful when it comes to understanding words/terms the way they were used in the founding era.

Perhaps a large part of the underlying problem in the decadent popular use of the English “language” has come as a result of the losing of the battle of ideas and correct principles in the minds of many Americans today.

Here are three good sources, organized by Noah Webster himself, and recommended to all for study. These sources are a solid beginning in the important quest to better understand the language we use. With this knowledge, we are better able to be useful in the battle for freedom moving forward.

The American Spelling Book

Dissertations on the English Language

Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary

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