Freedom or Bust is dedicated to the Holy Cause of Freedom. Anything for that cause, we support. Anything against that cause, we oppose.

Some may ask, “Why?”

Because freedom matters! It is a cause that everyone should be able to agree on, regardless of differences in religious belief, profession, hobbies, interests, etc, etc.

It is the intent and hope of this project to teach and elaborate those principles of freedom, as well as to to help those so inclined to better discern and identify any attacks on those principles from any angle and/or any issue. And, of course, that would be practically ineffective, in a very profound way, if we did not attempt to show and illustrate how to apply these principles in our lives.

If these principles are applied to their full potential, they can entirely change the course of humankind for the better. It is by these principles that progress can become the normal. It is by these principles that the course of the world can head naturally for peace and prosperity. It is by these principles that the truth can become well known, and understood without prior restraint from any group that would benefit from lies, and falsehoods. With everyone’s due freedom associated with the exercise of their rights, as well as the enforcement of their duties, being simultaneously respected, ¬†every individual, or association of individuals, will rise or fall on their own merits. What other system could truly be considered “egalitarian”? What other system could hold the view that “all men are created equal”?

But there is one catch, or potential exception to this fantastic benefit coming from a free market system. This is illustrated in this wise quote from George Mason, in which he states,

“…let us never lose sight of this fundamental maxim – that all power was originally lodged in, and consequently is derived from, the people.”

The result of rising or falling on good merit would obviously depend on the demands, and thus, the market forces in relation to those demands, of the people themselves. Even tyrants, ultimately, rests on the need of the people themselves to vest their innate power in their administration by, at least, acquiescence.

This fact being self-evident, can there be any question about the benefits that would then naturally come if the people themselves were all keenly aware of their rights and duties, and were respectful of those bounds? What amazing freedom and virtue would exist in a society, made up many individuals so inclined!! What amazing progress, development, and ingenuity would be ingrained in the voluntary associations of such a people!

So what holds us back? What is holding people back from getting into this cause for freedom? What is holding us back in even attempting to make this a reality? Would anyone reasonably disagree with the obvious benefits that would result from this potential reality?

With everyone being obviously able to sense and recognize a lack of freedom being available to them, can anyone reasonably disagree with the premise that freedom matters?! Is there a person that cannot easily see in the world around him, as well as in the history of mankind itself, the awful consequences that come as a result of the rejection of the principles of fundamental human rights and freedom? The consequences of collectivism that can only be applied via tyranny in one form or another? Can anyone disagree, religious or not, with what Patrick Henry termed: “Holy cause of Liberty”?

The question still stands: What holds us back?

It is time to learn from the wise, and apply in the now. It is time to apply the principles outlined by the examples set by the noble freedom fighters that have come and gone as long as mankind has existed. It is time to have the courage of the noble Founding Fathers of the revolutionary era of American history. The courage to stand up for human rights! It is time to Restore the Republic!

If we fail to spread those correct principles, as well as a correct understanding of them, both here and all around the world, wherever the reader may be, who else is there to blame but ourselves?

Of course, ultimately, it is entirely up to us.

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