A Quotation from H. Verlan Andersen; The Reign of Law

I thought I would share a quotation from a book that certainly influenced my thinking years ago – especially on the principle(s) of agency and the importance of freedom. Hopefully you enjoy it, and I would be interested in your thoughts and arguments on the matter. The intended audience was definitely to the LDS people […]

A Letter to The NAM; A Critique of Selwyn Duke’s Analysis on Judicial Review and The Legacy of Justice Scalia

I wrote a Letter to The Editor of The New American Magazine (NAM) pertaining to some major flaws found in two articles from the March 21, 2016 edition. The two articles are both written by Selwyn Duke and are titled: The Late Antonin Scalia And The “Living Document” LieĀ and A Government Of, By, And For […]

Someone bothered to Look; KUTV Covers Historical Change in the LDS Understanding of the Doctrine and Practice of “Tithing”

As many of you may recall, this website covered some research relating to the doctrine and practice of “Tithing” in Mormonism and the transition and changes to/of those things along the way to the mainstream, modern view. It was posted on February 10, 2014. (see below) It linked to a post where the topic was […]