Happy New Year; Knowledge is A Key To Real Success! ; Some Recommended Reading for True Freedom-Lovers…

True Knowledge is the key to progress. And, it is my opinion that Knowledge is truly the most important thing that anyone can acquire! We, as individuals, must learn to think and analyze (logic), as well as learn the art of argumentation (rhetoric). (In spite of popular opinion, the word argue is not a “bad” word!) The mind […]

December 2014 – A Matter of Rights and Their Source

The First Amendment's press protection extends into civic procedure with a "Journalistic Privilege"

On December 10, it was Human Rights Day. On December 15, it was Bill of Rights Day. In terms of the documents themselves, have you ever wondered about the differences? Sure, in terms of most people in relation to the holidays, one is a rarely recognized UN based holiday, while one is a rarely recognized […]