To the People of American Fork: Reject the PARC Tax!

[Election Update: Unfortunately, the PARC Tax did pass by a vote of 3302 – 2606. Source found Here]   Anyone who lives within the jurisdiction of American Fork City, or knows anyone who does – please spread the word: Vote NO to the proposed PARC Tax. This author, unfortunately, does not have enough time to write […]

What of the Constitution and Freedom?; Stand with Hans; Oppose the CDA for the University Mall; Petition Deadline Approaching Fast

[News update: The petition did fail for lack of signatures (according to Hans Andersen, by a small number). Source Here. One does find it interesting that this Daily Herald article quotes Mayor Brunst and Council member Macdonald as praising the failure of the petition as a sign of “the people having spoken” – when they opposed […]

Utah County Commission candidate Greg Graves Responds to Accusations

[Post-Election Update: Greg Graves won the election with 72% of the Vote over the Write-In candidate. Source Here] NOTE: Below is simply a copy+paste from an e-mail which was forwarded to me. I felt that it was worth posting! The election day is coming up on Tuesday, November 4th – and given how very little of […]