A new poll is out! Guess what percentage of Americans can name the three branches of Government?

According to a new poll that is out, only 36% of Americans can name even the simple three branches of government – namely, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. Apparently, roughly the same amount could not even name one of the branches. Notice, this poll doesn’t even involve questions that include the principle of federalism […]

5/5 – How should the Constitution of the United States be interpreted?

Last, but certainly not least, is the question of how the Constitution of the United States should be interpreted. THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE First, for the best interpretation to take place, one must view the US Constitution from the perspective of the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Since the US Constitution was the imperfect […]

4/5 – Who may Authoritatively interpret the Constitution of the United States?

  WE, THE PEOPLE The question of Constitutional authority should always be read in light of a correct understanding of the source of it’s power and authority. Both of which, in terms of civil government in human society, ultimately come from the people themselves. As George Mason, a Father of the Bill of Rights, wisely stated: […]

3/5 – What is the Constitution of the United States?

The Constitution of the United States is a Federal Compact. The Constitution of the United States was not instrumental creating a national government, and it is not a contract. These points will be argued in more detail underneath three basic points that are found below. 1. Contract vs. Compact The Constitution of the United States is not a […]

2/5 – What is a Constitution?

What is a Constitution? The very word “constitute”, as often defined as “to set; to fix; to enact; to establish“, or even “to form or compose; to give a formal existence to; to make a thing what it is” should give a very fitting hint as the nature of a Constitution, in regards to it’s […]

1/5 – Philosophical Foundation of the Constitution of the United States; A question of Forms, and not Principle

The philosophical basis of all good government, not just the U.S. Constitution (and not just the Constitutions of the several States), is found in the principles espoused by the Declaration of Independence. Those principles are the answers to the questions of “Why” and “What” as far as government is concerned (Why governments exist, and what […]

Valuable Workshop on September 27 – “Shattering America’s Trance”

Below is information on an event that seems very well worth attending for those who would like to learn more about the problems facing the United States, as well as some new techniques for improving our ability to reach out to our friends and neighbors. The host, former Orem City Council candidate and political activist, […]

9/11: When a Search for Truth magically “becomes” Demeaning

I invite everyone to use their own mind, use their own eyes, use their own thoughts and feelings when it comes to the search for truth. The topic of 9/11 – too sensitive to most – does, in fact, effect the freedom battle across the planet, and thus, should not be neglected as a topic […]