Ugandan Constitutional Court Stands with Rights of an unpopular minority – albeit on a procedural technicality; Fruits of a calculated form of Judicial Independence?

Long-time followers of this website will recall a few articles dealing with the issues surrounding legislation and morality – and should remember the false alternative discussed in the articles pertaining to the alleged “both sides” of the issue. Two of these articles used current and real-life examples of tyrannical “moral” statutes in foreign nations in […]

Speaking Event at the re-Ratify Project Training Seminar; Topic: Article Three of the United States Constitution

For those who are interested, there is an event this coming Saturday, August 16, that is intended to inform the people about the United States Constitution. It is called the re-Ratify Project and the link for more information, as well as for registration if you would like to do so ahead of time, is found […]