DUI Check Point – About Freedom, Not Drunk Driving

This video footage is over a year old, but we thought it still may be worth showing. Any form of general warrant should be despised by a free people. Instead of punishing charged criminal behavior following due process of law to determine innocence or guilt, it punishes everyone merely due to the alleged behavior of […]

April 19 – Patriots’ Day

I hope you all take time to remember those patriots today who helped bring about a situation when a free society was even a possibility in modern America. The holiday commemorates the first battles of the American Revolutionary War – Lexington and Concord. Although often celebrated on the third Monday in April or something similar […]

Tales of the Happy Valley “Gestapo”

[Note: Due to the fact that many of the readers of this blog happen to live in and around Utah Valley, I felt that this article would be well worth re-posting on this site – although it is worth a read regardless of whether or not you do live around the jurisdiction of the City […]

A Neglected Study: English Language Construction

Few people take the time to be precise in their understanding and use of language. Language, being the means of communication and necessary for the communication of ideas, is so very crucial in the battle for freedom – or any battle, for that matter. Without clear use of language, there is less chance of clear […]