To the people of Orem: What is the Moral Basis of a Free Society?; Orem’s PacSun Dilemma; Are many missing the “Moral” Issue?

H. Verlan Andersen

Here is a spontaneously made video message pertaining to today’s headline on the Daily Herald, which article can be found here. Please spread this message around. If there is one issue with which it would be legitimate to be a “one-issue voter” upon, the issue of general morality (vs. particular moral interests) in relation to […]

Washington Supreme Court upholds the Right to To Be Left Alone; Stop Incessant and Unproductive Focus on Washington D.C.!

We do not live in a national system of government, we live in a federal system of governments! And the two cases discussed briefly below are an example of why the lack of internalization of this basic principle could very well have the consequence of a loss in the current battle for freedom in America. […]

March 2, 1836 – The Anniversary of the Document Solidifying Texas Independence; The Difference Between Signers and Witnesses

[Note: I meant for this post to be up on March 2 for the actual anniversary, but unfortunately, as is obvious, I am late in posting this. Fortunately, the principles and courageous examples of these patriots are timeless, and are powerfully heroic, regardless of the date of this post, and in fact, regardless of whether […]

Federal Court Affirms “Ban” on Wearing Images of American Flag on T-Shirts in a Public School

ANOTHER TRAGIC SYMPTOM OF TYRANNY IN THE MODERN TIME Once united behind the noble cause of republicanism, of individual rights and duties, and a government that could be governed by the written and ratified document which formalized it’s creation (namely, the Constitutions), it now is ever more clear that the people have succumbed to the […]

Update on Legislating “Morality”; Learn from Nigeria/Uganda/Russia…

Followers of this blog will know of a major theme of many of my posts: The idea that individual freedom is the moral issue, and moral basis, behind the existence of free governments and free societies. Awhile back, this author wrote an extensive article on the topic. You can find it here. I would still […]