Shame on the Dallas Sheriff’s Deputies who blatantly violated the Rights of Peaceful Protestors! A Good Example of Oath breakers in a Time which cries for Oath Keepers…

We were in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 2013 – the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination. And we were protesting attempts by Dallas “authorities” to restrict and infringe on the rights of free speech and assembly. This, ironically, led to one of the most blatant infringements I have personally witnessed. It was a scene […]

50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination – Part 2 (Some Words from JFK himself)

There are some words from John F. Kennedy that I felt might be fitting to share. JFK was far from perfect as a president, but many of his words ring true to freedom-lovers everywhere. Here is a long excerpt from JFK’s First Inaugural Address: “I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn […]

50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy – Part One (Some Questions)

For those who have yet to inquire into the truth surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I would highly recommend watching this video from The Corbett Report and truly asking yourself if the official story stands the test of logic and reason. For the transcript and sources for this video, click here . Remember, […]

Killing Oswald – Premier at Texas Theater (11/17/13)

On November 17, five days before the 50th anniversary of the murder of JFK, I had the privilege of viewing the premiere of┬áKilling Oswald at the Texas Theater in Dallas, Texas. The Texas Theater was the very theater in which Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested by the Dallas Police on November 23, 1963. In addition […]

City of Orem General Election Results and Reaction

Hope, like the sun, encourages life and yet, in unhealthy heavy doses, burns many! It is conceded that some optimism is always healthy for the soul, but one must also remember that disappointment comes with any unmet expectation. That possibly very poor little analogy is about as succinct as I can be in describing my […]