To the People of Orem: Vote No To the proposed Orem City Tax “Adjustment” (a.k.a. Increase)

Please vote No to the proposed City of Orem Property Tax Increase. With any ballot initiative, it is good to understand the history and true purpose behind the forces driving it. This is yet another good example of the need for Facts to be submitted to a candid world, and for the principles of free […]

To the People of Orem: Get out and support Wayne Burr and Sharon Anderson for Orem City Council!

It is a very rare opportunity for people in this day and age to have a real choice in political elections. The moral state of the people at large is one of ignorance, apathy, and a very dangerous insensitivity to the moral issues surrounding the concept of individual freedom and the rights of Man. It […]

Once Again – “Our Land is Their Land?” – Implicit revival of a stale argument against the Rights of Man‏

The New American Magazine (NAM) apparently still can’t both leave their stale immigration arguments alone, and actually have an honest debate on the issue of Immigration as it relates to the American system of government and republicanism. In the August 19 Issue of the magazine, they included a letter to the editor that agreed and […]