The Proper Moral Foundation of Law in Society; Let’s Avoid a Destructive and Needless Battle of the Factions

Every law has a moral backing. There is no way around this fact. Every law either forbids or compels action to all those to whom it applies. The enforcement thereof will always require the punishing of those who do not obey by depriving them of life, freedom, or property. Once this is realized, the deep […]

Meet the Candidates Night Video (July 11, 2013)

For those who missed the first Meet the Candidates Night, you can find the video of the speeches from the candidates┬áhere. My speech starts about 34:17 and ends at about 37:41 [For some reason they, ‘by request’, disabled the ability to embed this video.]

The Responses to The Daily Herald; Some Basic Positions for City Council Race

QUESTION #1 –Sales tax revenues are not what they used to be. How will you encourage commercial development in your city? A city council member should not attempt to ACTIVELY encourage commercial development at all. Consumers making their own decisions with their own money is what should actively drive economic development. Businesses should compete for […]

Happy Fourth of July! Let us give the principles of the Declaration meaning today…

The real fireworks are in the principles! We hope that everyone takes time today to read and ponder the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence. It is, in the humble opinion of this author, the greatest thesis statement on the Proper Role of Government thus far known to mankind. The Declaration simply states that: […]

Response and Challenge to The New American Magazine; “You Do not Own What Is Not Yours”; Stop making Immigrants the Scapegoats

The cover article for the April 22, 2013 issue of The New American Magazine was entitled: “Permanent Amnesty, Temporary Border” (see article here). This article was, as the title itself easily reveals, opposed to the “problems” of “illegal immigration” and “open borders”. Seeing the inconsistencies philosophically underlying the fact that this article was coming from […]