Voter Information Pamphlet Entry

Your rights are not gifts from government. They come by virtue of your humanity. The sole legitimate purpose of civil government, at any level, is to protect those rights. Thus, my guiding principle is very clear: Any measure that supports your rights, I fully support! Any measure that infringes on those rights, I am against. This is the standard which the Founding Fathers […]

Campaign Update; Meeting with UCAOR; Please Spread the Word!

If you would like to organize any sort of “meet and greet” to discuss any issues with yourself, you and your family, or even you and your neighbors, please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk and would love to meet and discuss the issues facing Orem. (801)687-8305

Government: Punishing Crime vs. Perpetrating Crime; The Principle of Corpus Delicti behind a Free Society; Tragic irony found in “Justice” Courts

Government is not reason. It is Force. And since force and coercion necessarily infringe on the freedom of any person whenever it is used, the coercive action will always either be morally right or morally wrong. There is no way around this. When it becomes apparent that governments operate using the medium of force, the […]

Republic vs. Democracy; Why A True Republic is a better Form of Government for the protection of Rights…

Every government, every institution, every individual is and will always be accountable to Natural Law. Natural Law is simply all the laws that are independent of mankind and are, essentially, the unvarying system of causes and effects. Whether or not a people recognizes this fact is beside the point. Whether or not that understanding is […]