What is a Fundamental Natural Right?

The 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary defines the word “right,” in part, as: “A just claim”, “That which justly belongs to one,“ as well as “Authority,“ or “legal power.“ Often, the word “right” is preceded by a number of words, such as natural, fundamental, individual, or even human. These four words, in the end and for […]

Agency, Freedom, and Liberty

Words, being necessary for much interpersonal communication, including that of ideals, thoughts, and even feelings, must be carefully defined. When defined properly, words broaden our ability to communicate ideals that could be necessary in further understanding any attempt to communicate principles of a more in-depth nature, in the future. That being said, consider this quotation: […]

“What is Truth?”; A quick note on a very basic assumption on this blog; An attempt to preemptively avoid attack from any form of Irrationalism…

As a qualifier for this and every article to come, it is the author’s attempt to succinctly answer a question that must be addressed before any attempt is made to increase anyone’s understanding on the topic of freedom built on the premise of an objective reality. That question is this: What is Truth? Not only […]

Why YOU should care about politics…

In directly expressing a recommendation for a more general desire to understand the nature of politics, it becomes clear that there needs be a remedy for the jaded emotional hype and all too prominent societal negativity which surrounds the general view of such a topic. The statesman and founding father, John Adams, referred to politics […]