Two Days from the Primary Election; Who will Keep their Oath of Office? (And Election Result and Reaction)

George Washington taught that the Constitution's "only keepers" are "the people."

George Washington taught that the Constitution’s “only keepers” are “the people.”

The summer has flown by! It is hard to believe that we are already down to just a couple days before the Primary Election. According to Donna Weaver, the city recorder, this primary election has had a potentially record breaking number of early voters. This trend is likely to continue on for election day itself.

I hope and pray that, come Tuesday, the people of Orem send a clear and distinct message that they want something better than what they are getting. I hope they demand a government in harmony with the principles of civic and economic freedom!

Samuel Adams stated the truth that: “The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought.” Sure, Tuesday is just a matter of voting. Nothing more or less than a basic civil privilege that is hardly controversial to exercise. But I hope that the vote on Tuesday reflects a more firm resolve towards the principles of freedom and the Constitution than has been previously shown in recent history.

That being said, here are a few thoughts and a few excerpts from the Utah Constitution to consider before you vote on Tuesday.

This is the oath of office that every elected city council member will take:

“I do solemnly swear that I will support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Utah, and the laws and ordinances of the City of Orem, and that I will discharge the duties of my office in the City of Orem with fidelity.” 

This oath is in accordance with the Article 4, Section 10 of the Utah Constitution. Yet, following the taking of this oath, there seems to be some very common constitutional violations that people are beginning to accept as, somehow, ‘traditional’ and normal. Isn’t there an irony in taking an oath, by constitutional decree, to the Constitution, and then voting and being supportive of measures that are repugnant to that very document?

Here are three provisions in the Constitution of the State of Utah that seem to be ignored and violated with impunity when it comes to any Public-Private Partnership the city is, was, or will be involved with in the future. Read these three provisions and ask yourself if anyone that supports any activities from the “Re-Development Agency” or other “economic development” plans involving tax dollars, including the LOANing of the city’s bond rating to this or that entity, is worthy of your vote.

1) “The Legislature shall not delegate to any special commission, private corporation or association, any power to make, supervise or interfere with any municipal improvement, money, property or effects, whether held in trust or otherwise, to levy taxes, to select a capitol site, or to perform any municipal functions.”

(Article 6, Section 28)

2) “Neither the State nor any county, city, town, school district, or other political subdivision of the State may lend its credit or…subscribe to stock or bonds in aid of any private individual or corporate enterprise or undertaking.”

(Article 6, Section 29)

3) “It is the policy of the state of Utah that a free market system shall govern trade and commerce in this state to promote the dispersion of economic and political power and the general welfare of all the people. Each contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce is prohibited. Except as otherwise provided by statute, it is also prohibited for any person to monopolize, attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons to monopolize any part of trade or commerce.”

(Article 12, Section 20)

Anyone ever heard of UTOPIA, Midtown Village, and so on and so forth? How could these Public-Private Partnerships NOT be contrary to these very clear provisions that are set forth in Utah’s Constitution?

Why, instead of having a council that relied on merely practical arguments and numbers, didn’t we have a council that looked to the guiding principles and guiding documents of our inspired governmental system?

If they had looked to good principles instead of practicalities and fancy sounding numbers, then those Public-Private Blunders would not have happened in the first place. In fact, if they looked to the principles of the Proper Role of Government, there would be no threat of similar things happening in the future.

Maybe the reason they don’t look to principle is because We, the People, have not demanded it. Imagine a situation where even those people running “to be elected” would have to hold a constitutional standard due to the fact that anything else would be considered “un-electable”. But regardless of what could be, why even have a Constitution if WE, the PEOPLE, choose to be ignorant of it and choose not to hold our elected officials accountable to it?

George Washington made this point clear when he stated that the Constitution’s “only keepers” are “the people” themselves.

This is why I feel that we should, at the very least, ASK ourselves and those asking for our votes: WHO WILL KEEP THEIR OATH OF OFFICE?

But, ultimately, it is entirely up to us.

I promise that I will keep my oath of office to Constitutional Principles. I promise that I will not support any proposal or action that goes contrary to the three provisions quoted above. I will fight against any tax increase, any tax subsidies, tax “incentives”, or any other infringement in the Free Market that the people deserve. I will stand on the side of civil and economic freedom and be sensitive the moral issues underlying government force.

This is why I ask for your vote on August 13th. If the message of freedom and free markets speak to you in the slightest, please vote Skyler Hamilton for Orem City Council this coming Tuesday.

The Primary Election Results for City Council were the following:

Tom McDonald – 4409 (49%)
Mary Street – 3279 (37%)
Brent Sumner – 3221 (36%)
Wayne Burr – 2518 (28%)
Sharon Price Anderson – 2185 (24%)
David Spencer – 2139 (24%)
Jared Jardine – 2002 (22%)
Debby Lauret – 1607 (18%)
Skyler Hamilton – 1310 (15%)
Claude Richards – 1306 (15%)
Charles Hart – 599 (7%)
Brian Jenkins – 406 (5%)
Robert Davis – 356 (4%)

This was the statement I posted following the results:

All votes being counted, I received a total of 1310 votes.

That is 1310 people that were able to look past the ‘youth,’ the lack of ‘education,’ and even, perhaps, the hair. I hope that even for them, it was a vote based on a message and based on principle.

The time is NOW for restoring those true Constitutional principles of freedom that would respect and honor the Rights of Man. I hope all of you will continue studying, and being active in furthering this ‘Holy Cause of Liberty’…The only battle that comes to my mind in which, if it is lost, EVERYONE loses.

Thanks again everyone! And be sure to get out  and fight the property tax increase, the CARE tax renewal, and actively support Wayne Burr and Sharon Price Anderson for Orem City Council!

3 thoughts on “Two Days from the Primary Election; Who will Keep their Oath of Office? (And Election Result and Reaction)

  1. Well said, Skyler. You are right on here. You are a fine writer. I appreciate your perspective and find great value in it. Others need to hearken.

  2. So many of our elected officials disregard the Constitution and that is our problem in all levels of government…I hope you are able to wake up millions in your search to serve us. Thank you,

    A few seem to get it on the national level, Paul, Lee and Cruz are in the forefront at present.
    State level we need a change in our governor who seems to be inculcated in the views of the progressives.

    We have a lot of work to do to save our city, county , state and nation.

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