A Quotation from H. Verlan Andersen; The Reign of Law

I thought I would share a quotation from a book that certainly influenced my thinking years ago – especially on the principle(s) of agency and the importance of freedom. Hopefully you enjoy it, and I would be interested in your thoughts and arguments on the matter. The intended audience was definitely to the LDS people […]

A Letter to The NAM; A Critique of Selwyn Duke’s Analysis on Judicial Review and The Legacy of Justice Scalia

I wrote a Letter to The Editor of The New American Magazine (NAM) pertaining to some major flaws found in two articles from the March 21, 2016 edition. The two articles are both written by Selwyn Duke and are titled: The Late Antonin Scalia And The “Living Document” Lie and A Government Of, By, And For […]

Someone bothered to Look; KUTV Covers Historical Change in the LDS Understanding of the Doctrine and Practice of “Tithing”

As many of you may recall, this website covered some research relating to the doctrine and practice of “Tithing” in Mormonism and the transition and changes to/of those things along the way to the mainstream, modern view. It was posted on February 10, 2014. (see below) It linked to a post where the topic was […]

What Is Truth?; A Critique of An Emphasis on “Church-Approved Materials”

Introductory Note: This blog, though long somewhat inactive, may begin to delve into areas found interesting to the author which may not be seen as directly applicable to the cause of freedom. It is not the intent to offend nor disparage persons, regardless of the boldness in which a certain principle or quotation may be criticized. […]

Letter to State Representatives Pertaining to Proposal For A Tax on Plastic Bags

[UPDATE: All of the state representatives replied to my e-mail. The most fitting of which was from Rep. Brad Daw wherein he stated, in total: “This bill died a painful death.” Good news!] The Daily Herald has reported that “[a] proposal to add a 10-cent fee on all plastic and paper bags used in places like […]


Quotes, in and of themselves (i.e. Ipso facto), are NOT arguments at all – let alone valid and/or true ones. Anyone can find a quote from someone who at some point in time might have agreed with their opinion. In other words, anyone can quote an opinion that agrees with their own – and yet, […]

Short Speaking Event in Orem

I will be speaking for a half hour or so at a house in Orem on Tuesday June 30, 2015. The address will be 1155 N. 1000 E. in Orem. The start time of the event is 8:00pm, and should only go until 9:00pm at the latest.   The title of the lecture will be […]

Election season For the People of Orem – Hans Andersen and Claude Richards

  [UPDATE: The primary election results are in – and both Hans Andersen and Claude Richards will be continuing on into the general election season. For the specifics pertaining to the election numbers, feel free to visit the city website here. Although this is a temporary victory to be celebrated – the reality is, the work […]

Recommended Read: ‘Rise of the Warrior Cop’


Every person at all concerned with the political climate of today should acquire and read a copy of the book Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko. A copy can be purchased Here. The abuse of personal freedom will obviously continue as long as the People remain ignorant and apathetic toward it. The first step […]

The People of Utah County: Inform yourselves, and STOP BRT

There is a referendum that can be signed to potentially halt this new county “public” project which will impact the tax-payers of everyone in Utah County. The referendum, if successful dependent upon whether enough petition signatures are acquired, will at least least make the decision one for the voting populace instead of a simple Utah […]

Greg Graves – a liar?

The first week of February came with the terrible news that, despite campaign promises to the contrary, Greg Graves stated that he will be voting for BRT. The Daily Herald report is Here. Does anyone know why? Any bonding will come at the direct expense of future generations. If it would be unlawful for an individual […]

Happy New Year; Knowledge is A Key To Real Success! ; Some Recommended Reading for True Freedom-Lovers…

True Knowledge is the key to progress. And, it is my opinion that Knowledge is truly the most important thing that anyone can acquire! We, as individuals, must learn to think and analyze (logic), as well as learn the art of argumentation (rhetoric). (In spite of popular opinion, the word argue is not a “bad” word!) The mind […]

December 2014 – A Matter of Rights and Their Source

The First Amendment's press protection extends into civic procedure with a "Journalistic Privilege"

On December 10, it was Human Rights Day. On December 15, it was Bill of Rights Day. In terms of the documents themselves, have you ever wondered about the differences? Sure, in terms of most people in relation to the holidays, one is a rarely recognized UN based holiday, while one is a rarely recognized […]

To the People of American Fork: Reject the PARC Tax!

[Election Update: Unfortunately, the PARC Tax did pass by a vote of 3302 – 2606. Source found Here]   Anyone who lives within the jurisdiction of American Fork City, or knows anyone who does – please spread the word: Vote NO to the proposed PARC Tax. This author, unfortunately, does not have enough time to write […]

What of the Constitution and Freedom?; Stand with Hans; Oppose the CDA for the University Mall; Petition Deadline Approaching Fast

[News update: The petition did fail for lack of signatures (according to Hans Andersen, by a small number). Source Here. One does find it interesting that this Daily Herald article quotes Mayor Brunst and Council member Macdonald as praising the failure of the petition as a sign of “the people having spoken” – when they opposed […]

Utah County Commission candidate Greg Graves Responds to Accusations

[Post-Election Update: Greg Graves won the election with 72% of the Vote over the Write-In candidate. Source Here] NOTE: Below is simply a copy+paste from an e-mail which was forwarded to me. I felt that it was worth posting! The election day is coming up on Tuesday, November 4th – and given how very little of […]

United Nations Day – modern “Internationalism”: Pseudo- Federalism in a different Light?

Today, “president” Barack Obama issued a proclamation concerning UN Day, and even encouraged the governors of the 50 states to likewise observe the day as a commemoration of hope in what is essentially termed “international cooperation”. What an interesting term: “cooperation”. Cooperation is a term which assumes a common end, and the determination to be united in […]

Lord, How Long?

Sometimes it is quite difficult to not get discouraged. When one sees the outright immoral standards that are being enforced on society (often in the name of “morality“), the nearly universal constitutional apostasy that is widespread amongst the united States, and the outright infringement on the rights of which it is government’s sole purpose to […]

A new poll is out! Guess what percentage of Americans can name the three branches of Government?

According to a new poll that is out, only 36% of Americans can name even the simple three branches of government – namely, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. Apparently, roughly the same amount could not even name one of the branches. Notice, this poll doesn’t even involve questions that include the principle of federalism […]

5/5 – How should the Constitution of the United States be interpreted?

Last, but certainly not least, is the question of how the Constitution of the United States should be interpreted. THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE First, for the best interpretation to take place, one must view the US Constitution from the perspective of the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Since the US Constitution was the imperfect […]

4/5 – Who may Authoritatively interpret the Constitution of the United States?

  WE, THE PEOPLE The question of Constitutional authority should always be read in light of a correct understanding of the source of it’s power and authority. Both of which, in terms of civil government in human society, ultimately come from the people themselves. As George Mason, a Father of the Bill of Rights, wisely stated: […]

3/5 – What is the Constitution of the United States?

The Constitution of the United States is a Federal Compact. The Constitution of the United States was not instrumental creating a national government, and it is not a contract. These points will be argued in more detail underneath three basic points that are found below. 1. Contract vs. Compact The Constitution of the United States is not a […]